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Guess what?!

My check FINALLY arrived today! I danced all the way home from the mailbox! I called my mom and arranged to meet her to go washer/dryer shopping after I cashed the check! Then I realized. It’s Saturday. The bank is closed until Monday.

Damn it!!!!!!!



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Done and done!

Boy am I loving this knitting-for-myself thing! I finshed another ballband dishcloth (using size 8 needles this time, and doing less repeats than the pattern calls for)Β and a new potholder. I’ve now got quite the collection of funky kitchenware!

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Did I ever tell you about the time The Jerk took my just-finished hand knit dishcloth (right after I finished knitting it…I was still new to knitting and it had taken me about a week to do a garter stitch square!) and washed his nasty dirty car with it? Yeah. It’s a good thing he’s gone πŸ™‚


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The Stash Inspector Strikes Again!

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Hee hee.

While uploading pics of my FO’s to Ravelry, I realized there were several things I never shared on my blog! We’ll start with Natalie’s skirt, I made it for her to wear to Thanksgiving last year (I think I caught her when she was about to sneeze or something! She wore a nicer shirt for T dinner, this was a pic I took of her last week)

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When I come across some others, I’ll post ’em here. We’re not doing much today, just hanging around the house. Don’t even have to clean, since we took care of that yesterday! I’ve been getting some good knitting/crochet time in this weekend, and I’m now about halfway through my next leaflet proposal πŸ™‚ Thankfully my wrist hasn’t been bothering me as much lately, so I’ve been able to work without that awful wrist brace.
Did anyone else get in on the “Yarn In A Teacup” swap? I saw it in the forums section of Ravelry, and managed to snag the very last invite! Sweet! I love swaps, and I’m also participating in Fiber Freaks “Fiber and Frappe” swap. Too much fun! And finally, a peek at my art project for the day. An emergency list for the kids, because you never know when/if they’ll need the info.Β We had one taped to the door at our last apartment, and I finally remembered to make another one for our new place!

1. 911

2. Grandmas phone number

3. Our address!
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Sophie & more

My finished Sophie bag-
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I picked up some sky blue cotton and sewed a lining in by hand, and I rather like it. The Sophie pattern is a lot of fun to knit, and I see myself casting on at least one more for a Christmas present this year! Only thing that bothers me is the fact that there is no closure. I think I might have to buy a magnetic snap and undo the lining to put it in. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ve started the Triangle Motif purse from FC Easy Crochet
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And I plan to start another Ball Band dishcloth tonight. I love having multiple projects going, although my wrist is starting to complain a bit! Back to the game, Boston vs. Atlanta tonight.

Oh yeah- Jack said his first word last week! “Hot”. He loves to tell you when things are even remotely warm πŸ™‚ And in true Jack fashion, he has since followed with “num-num” (our word for any kind of food for Jack) and “Ball”. 9 months old people! 9 months! I think he’s decided to graduate college for his first birthday :p


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One year

365 days.

Natalie’s 4th birthday.

Gabe’s first day of school.

Jack’s birth.

Gabe’s 6th birthday.


Trips to the science museum.

Jack rolling over for the first time.


Gabe’s first loose tooth.

New Years.

Valentines Day.

Saturday picnics at the park.


Jack crawling.

Jack walking.

Gabe’s last day of kindergarten.

Jacks first word.

And these are just the highlights. There are so so many more little things that make up the joy that is having children. You missed them all. Your choice. No phone calls. No presents. Nothing. Actions speak louder than words. So much louder. What are they supposed to think now? One year later? Still nothing?

So sad.


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I love it! The photo isn’t showing the true colors, the colors are more mint and brown than aqua and brown. Really makes me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream when I see it! Lynlee, MDK is Mason-Dixon Knitting, one of the most fabulous knitting books! Now to cast on another. I’m thinking purple and lime green?! I have finished another Sophie bag, this one using Patons SWS and it felted wonderfully. I’m looking for some fabric to line it (doesn’t “need” it, it’s just my preference) and then I’ll be back with a pic. Providing my computer stops acting up, it’s been on the fritz today. Durn thing.


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WIP Wednesday

I have several projects going, most recently another Ballband dishcloth from MDK

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I love this pattern! I’m making this one for myself, and have plans for about a half dozen more. I’m also browsing my pattern books, I found out today that my new cousin-in-law has made her appearance. Tiny little 5 pounder that she is! I’m unsure as to the spelling of her name, so I’ll share that when I have a pic of the lil sweetie. I’m thinking I’ll make a wee hat, and perhaps some booties. I want to be able to mail it out asap, so no time for anything major. For now anyway! I did start crocheting a baby blanket this afternoon, for something to work on in-between other projects
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Gabe wanted a chance to feed the baby today.
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This is the end result πŸ™‚
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I love these kids! Jack isn’t feeling 100% tonight, so I had to forgo knit night at Milli’s. But I’m knitting nonetheless, and watching the Red Sox game. Go Sox!


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