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Look, it hasn’t even been a month!

Back again! It’s taken me so long this time because I’m lazy about uploading all of my pictures to photobucket. I still haven’t done so, but I decided to go ahead and get the writing out of the way first!

Christmas was great, the kids had an absolute blast. Santa brought Gabe and Natalie the guitar they wanted (3/4 the size of a regular guitar, but otherwise still a “grownup” one) and brought Jack a Step 2 ride in car. He loves it! It’s all about the vroom vrooms these days 🙂 We opened Santa presents and stockings at home, and they popped over to grandmas house for breakfast and oodles more presents. A quick sprint back to our apartment to pop the turkey in the oven, because Chris’ mom and sister were coming up to visit. We had a blast with them, and Chris’ sister Beth brought her tiny chihauha Nacho which delighted Jack to no end (the only thing that tops cars is dog dogs!). After they left, we went back to my moms house for another dinner (I was STUFFED!) and then came home to roll into bed. It was a very long, very busy, totally wonderful day.

New Years Eve was nothing special, everyone was sick. Chris and I hung out at home at watched the ball drop but that was it. Kids went to bed on time.

Oohh- my mom got me a sewing machine and a cool cover for christmas! I’ve been dreaming up a million things to make, but I’m limited to what fabric stash I have currently (which is an awful lot of character prints for Natalie!). I’ve been browsing blogs and tutorials and have a list of funky new things to make.  The first thing I’m working on are the soft trees (scroll down a little) that have captivated me since I first laid eyes on them yesterday. I’m gonna make a whole little forest!  I also want to make these and this and this looks like a lot of fun, though it’s not sewing. I love blogland! I’ll be back to share pictures of the kiddos at Christmas time, but now I’m back to sewing and trying to get ahold of the idiot to make him pay child support this month. Yeah. It’s been a crazy week, but more on that later. Happy Sunday!Q

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