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Welcome to the ghetto.

Apparently, the geniuses who rob all the apartments around here aren’t getting enough loot to satisfy. Last week, they decided to take a crowbar to the coin banks in the laundry room. Quarters! A million allowances worth of quarters! (any Futurama fans should get that one 🙂 ) There are exactly two machines that are operable at the moment. I stopped by the office to see what they are doing about this, and got the standard “we’re working on it” response. Suuuuure ya are. And I won an Oscar last night. Anyone else watch the Academy Awards last night? I caught most of it, loved the gowns. I don’t really get into the awards (mostly because I haven’t seen most of the movies yet!) but I was rather dissapointed in one- Jennifer Hudson’s win for best supporting actress. So she’s a full figured girl who got dumped by American Idol, then made a movie. And? I’m a little tired of everyone fawning over her. She may be a perfectly nice girl, but enough is enough, I’m about to retch. Plus, I don’t think her performance was all that great. Definetely not Oscar worthy. But, thats just my opinion and apparently the Academy thought differently. In crochet news, I’m nearly finished with the samples. So close…so close. It’s definetely straining my nerves, and I will be so happy to get the last box (well, there are only two but still!) taped up and shipped out. Back to work!


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The cutest sheep ever!

Gabe brought me this adorable woolie from school today 🙂


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Everybody say awww…..

Me and my baby sis Mallory, dressed to the nines for our night out- we saw Celtic Woman in concert last year and it was FABULOUS!


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Anyone heard of this yarn?

 I wish it wasn’t in the UK, making it rather expensive to ship! I’ve never heard of it before, and it sounds pretty darn cool.

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One of the designs I’m working on includes the color green. Natalie, who has been very interested in learning about St. Patricks Day recently (we have strong Irish roots in our family) just informed me that it is “quite Irish-y”.

I love these kids 🙂

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Protected: Food or yarn?

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Naked in the yarn…

What is it about some yarns that really make you want to roll around naked in them? I mean, I’ve felt up many a yarn in my day (lol) but there is one that makes me nuts- Patons SWS. I LOVE this yarn. LOVE IT.  I use all my Micheals coupons to buy it, a skein at a time! I’m currently knitting a scarf (2×2 rib) out of the red/pink/brown colorway (don’t have the label with me!) and it’s such a pleasure to knit.  I also have several skeins of the Natural Blue colorway that I plan on using for a Jack sweater.  Today I used my 50% off coupon for a skein of the Natural Navy- I want to make Bron’s Brain Band with it. In other yarn news, I’ve been winning several fabulous lots of yarn for super cheap prices on ebay. The first of the lot arrived today, but it’s at my Moms and I dont’ wanna drive over there till tomorrow. So, I must wait. I just won an auction for 7 skeins of Cestari, a fabulous yarn from a local farm in VA- when I lived there, I purchased a skien of this for my OSSP and fell in love. Speaking of the OSSP project, I don’t believe I ever shared what I made for my pal. Here is a pic snatched from her blog, since I forgot to snap one before sending it off-

I used Patons Classic Wool and Cascade 220, and a free pattern from the Lion Brand website. I finished it off with a snap closure, and I think it turned out rather cute!! Not too bad for my first felting project! I had to hand felt it, because it just wasn’t coming out right in the machine, and my mother was freaking out that I would waste water trying to shrink something on purpose 🙂


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