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Conjoined Fish!


Roughly 6 weeks ago I purchased a fish tank on craigslist, and filled it with a few brightly colored fancy guppies. Yes, I know they are prolific breeders, but with the interest my children have in science, I knew it would be an exciting adventure. We had 7 babies about 3 weeks ago, and over the past few days the remaining preggo mamas have popped and we now have upwards of 40 newborn fish.


Tonight the excitement over baby guppies grew to a fevered pitch when we discovered our conjoined twins!! I’m not sure how long these little ones will be able to survive, I have seperated them from all the other fish, but they can’t seem to swim, they just flip around on the bottom a whole lot. We will enjoy them until the end, and my brother Scott (who is a biologist with a special interest in fish) has asked me to preserve the fish for him if/when it dies. All I have is vodka, no rubbing alcohol at the moment…. Conjoined fish on the rocks, anyone?


We’re very excited to be fish owners in the winstongang household tonight 🙂


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