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A sweet surprise

I have recently been re-organizing and downsizing my life, and have come across many forgotten treasures. Old books buried at the back of my closet, a missing slipper under the bed…until today these finds- while pleasant, haven’t really been fabulous. Then came the moment when I found a roll of undeveloped film, and a undeveloped disposable camera. I brought them into Target this morning for 1-hour processing and wondered what they would contain. I figured probably some random shots of the kids from a couple of years ago (I’m REALLY bad at turning film in!) or something like that. After all, I haven’t had a film camera since the lovely Thanksgiving of 2006 when I was robbed. My camera bag that held my much loved GII Rebel also held something more precious- several rolls of film that I had taken when I was in the hospital after giving birth to Jack. Losing those rolls of film is what hurt me the most from the robbery. I would have gladly let the burgler keep the camera if he would just give me my film back. I do have several shots of Jack moments after birth, taken by my Mom with her digital camera, but only 4 or 5. Well…back to today. The disposable camera held pictures of Christmas 2006 (no camera, so had to do disposable!) and those are great. The roll of film? It has pictures of Gabriels first day of kindergarten, a few shots of the kids at our house in Virginia before we moved, and 8 precious, precious shots of my sweet baby Jackson in the hospital. What a gift fate has given me today. I have no idea how this little roll of film ended up outside of my camera bag, but I am so very, very happy to have found it.




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I’m back baby :)

I swear I’ve spent more time away from this blog than on it the past year or two! I have internet at home again though, so I”m back for good 🙂 Kids are fabulous, doing well in school and growing every time I blink.  Jack has taken on a new persona lately…he’s the reincarnation of Darth Vader! Complete with lightsaber and sound effects…it’s quite amusing. How has everyone else been lately?


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