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Going offline

I’ll be moving the computer over to the new place tomorrow, and cable won’t be hooked up until Wednesday. So much for the 24-48 hours quoted to me last week by the airhead cs rep. But thats a whole ‘nuther story.

I received the package from the publishing company today! It was exciting to see the contract to sign, but a little upsetting (truly, it was only slightly) to see that they had decided against two designs. I think this only bothered me because they decided it after I spoke to the rep last week, so I thought they were all being accepted.  Hey, rejection is a part of the game, right? I can take it like a big girl 🙂 I think they weren’t included because they don’t exactly “match” the rest of the items (though they are similar). I can see where the accepted designs form more of an exclusive group now. And, I’ll just submit these elsewhere when I have the time.

 I’m heading to bed now, gotta get up early early early to finish moving the big stuff over, then I have to clean the apartment and continue priming the walls.  Miss me much!



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It’s amazing how much promise a new home can hold. I love my new apartment. Absolutely love it. It’s bigger, has washer/dryer hookups, and NICE NEIGHBORS! Omg. I met my immediate neighbors today- two very nice college girls, who love kids and offered to babysit anytime I needed it! We had a wonderful conversation, and it was so fabulous I nearly cried. Seriously. You have no idea how isolated I am in the ghetto. The only white girl around. Hell, I’m one of only 3 white people period (and ostracized because of it). No one speaks English, and those that do use it to sell drugs. Normal neighbors. What a relief.


After posting the above entry, I decided to take one more load of stuff over, and met 3 more of my neighbors! Everyone is SO NICE! The couple across from me has two children, a 2 year old boy and a 6 year old girl! The kids hit it off right away while the mom and I chatted, and then hugged each other when it was time to leave. Everybody say awww! This is so freakin perfect. I’m so happy!


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Mixed feelings

Not about the move, I’m totally jazzed about that! However, upon returning to the ghetto, I discovered that someone has popped open the lock on my mailbox AGAIN and stolen all my mail. AGAIN. I had the rental office place a brand new lock on it about a week or two ago. It was fine yesterday, so someone did that today. So, I just called the police. Again. They’re supposed to send an officer out, I suppose they could dust for fingerprints. Not only is this NOT the first time it has happened to me, there were other broken locks a few weeks ago. Although, as far as I can tell mine is the only one broken now. Bastards. What concerns me is the package I’m waiting on from the publisher- I swear to some higher power it had better not have been in there. I also forgot to mention to ya’ll that someone stole my package from Good Yarn Karma right out of the rental office. Karma baby. I hope it kicks this person (or persons) in the ass. Twice. Oooh, and someone was tampering with my deadbolt lock over the weekend. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO out of here.

I’m off to download my “before” pictures and have a slightly better evening…I hope!


On a happier note, here are a few quick shots of the new place. For comparison, first there is a picture of my current building (taken from my car, because I don’t want to flash my camera in front of any of these theives). And the last picture is the view from my new balcony (I’m on the second floor)

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Guess who signed her lease and got keys to a much better (and safer!) apartment this morning?! WHOOHOO! They had another 2 bedroom open up (someone decided not to rent it after all) and it was available immediately. I’m so jazzed! I’m packing up a few things in the van and going to grab my mom- I’ll take before pics to share with everyone!  WHOOHOOO! Say goodbye to the ghetto!


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I just got a call from the publishing company- they want to offer me a contract!! And, out of all the items I sent (there were many!), they only want to make one change (only in size!!) I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta go get dressed, my Mom and I are going out to celebrate!


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Two squishy things to share today! I bought Jack one of those baby self feeder thingies (exact name? I’m not sure, I threw the package away already…) and he spent the day squishing up cantaloupes and grapes 🙂

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And the second one- I made a softie! I’m not sure if it’s a mouse or a monkey, or whatever, but I love it! The ears are off center, the arms are too fat and the face is a little off. But she’s my first and I think she’s sweet 🙂 Now that I’m done sewing her, I’m going to get back to the LCT. Hopefully I’ll finish it tomorrow!

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The other apartment that is. So it’s on to the more expensive place in about a week!

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