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I love it! The photo isn’t showing the true colors, the colors are more mint and brown than aqua and brown. Really makes me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream when I see it! Lynlee, MDK is Mason-Dixon Knitting, one of the most fabulous knitting books! Now to cast on another. I’m thinking purple and lime green?! I have finished another Sophie bag, this one using Patons SWS and it felted wonderfully. I’m looking for some fabric to line it (doesn’t “need” it, it’s just my preference) and then I’ll be back with a pic. Providing my computer stops acting up, it’s been on the fritz today. Durn thing.


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3 responses to “Finished!

  1. As the pic was loading I thought…mint chocolate chip ice cream…hahaha…it’s so cute!

  2. How beautiful! I love the minty colors. I crochet and was thinking about doing a similar pattern. Thanks for sharing. –Angie

  3. I love mint & brown – it’s a very sophisticated color combo.

    Can dishcloths be sophisticated? I guess so! šŸ™‚

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