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Last night

There was a moth. He flew out of my yarn basket. Someone tell me what to do!!!! (yes, there is plenty of wool in that particular basket, but also a little acrylic and a fair amount of cotton, in case that matters.) I admit to screaming a little bit, and freaking Chris out just a tad. Silly muggle- he doesn’t understand the possible implications! I was digging through the basket looking for a manly yarn..the time has come when I feel the urge to knit him something. Nothing sweater-sized (or time consuming) but I was thinking a hat. Thoughts? On anything?



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I could talk to him all night long

Damn. I like this boy so much. Even thought it’s not something I was necessarily looking for, he’s the anti-D. Besides the obvious white/black, civilian/military angles…he’s actually got a conscience and morals. What a refreshing change. On the nights that we don’t get together, we talk. A lot. And I love it. Sigh….can’t wait to see him again tonight 🙂

Can you believe Jack is almost a year old?! I’ve started planning his little party and it just makes me want to cry when I think of how big he is. My sweet lil smidgen is growing up! Gabe and Natalie are both getting SO EXCITED about the school year starting. We’ve still got a little over a week to go, but the backpacks are packed and the first days outfit is picked out. Well, for Natalie anyway…I think Gabe could care less what he wears *lol*. Wait until you see Natalie’s dress, it’s way too adorable for words. We have a “meet the teacher” next Thursday that I’m really looking forward too. I didn’t get to meet Gabe’s kindergarten teacher ahead of time, but thankfully she turned out to be wonderful. 2 kids in school all day. Whatever will I do with just me and Jack?!

That’s all I have for today…gotta finish cleaning out the too small kids clothes and make a run to the thrift store…then get ready for my hot date tonight… :o) :o)


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Dear diary,

I met this boy……..


Sorry to be a tease, but I only had half a second to post this morning. So yeah…I gots me a boyfriend 😀 His name is Chris, and he’s fabulous. We met through my best friend Liz (who also visited last weekend, but I have to download my pics before I post about our fun!)… I can’t tell you how good it feels to have someone want to be with me again. It’s been way too long….


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Picnic in the Park

We had a really fun day at the park yesterday. Well, morning at the park to be more precise. It’s been a few degrees shy of Hades these past few days, so we decided to turn our lunch-picnic into a breakfast-picnic and hang out in the wee hours. It was a blast! We went with my parents and three of my siblings, and brought so much breakfasty goodness that the table was groaning.

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We worked off the calories by engaging in some family sports. Oh, what a time we had 🙂

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All in all, a very very nice Sunday. In other news, I’ve been sewing myself a new quilt for my bed. Full of bright, funky colors and totally fabulous. Here is a pic (mostly pre-assembled, with Gabe sitting on top for size comparison. Also, I just noticed you can see a wee bit of Jack in the upper left corner! ), the top is fully sewn together now.

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As soon as I can get the batting, I will be sewing this baby together and quilting the top. I’m thinking a combination of fun machine stitches, hand stitches, and some yarn ties. We’ll see.


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Bridge Collapse

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were involved with the bridge collapse in Minnesota.

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