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I’d like to take a moment…

To say hello to the people who found my blog recently by google searching “vomiting pumpkin” and “girls squishing grapes”. Welcome!

I’ll be back later with a real post *lol*



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WIP Wednesday

Hmm..I actually have two FO’s to share today instead of a WIP! I do have several projects in the works, but they’re for publication so I can’t share yet. One of them is for the Stitch ‘N Pitch contest. Is anyone else joining that? Baseball- I couldn’t resist 🙂 On to the FO’s!

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The Lacy Childs Top is finally done! I used a hook and eye closure and a pretty ribbon to close the front, instead of the crocheted chain ties. I like it better like this, the ribbon adds a bit of spunk! I wasn’t totally pleased with the way the pattern was written, but I was able to figure it all out with my superior monkey brain. I may whip out another one using a different yarn, just for fun. The pattern reccomended LB Organic Cotton, but I used Cotton-Ease and gauge was just fine.

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Earrings! I totally love these. Wore them all day yesterday! 🙂


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SWEPT those Yankee MOFOS!!!

For the first time in 17 years! WHOOOOOP!


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Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate, the kiddos, moi,  my Mom and youngest brother Daniel walked around the pond, cleaning up trash. Afterwards, Grandma awarded them with “Steward Of The Earth” ribbons. Cool!

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After the cleaning party, I dragged the kiddos down to my local Hancock Fabrics, which is going out of business. Oh. My. Lord. How I wish I had money…everything is on crazy sale! All yarn and yarn accessories are 50% off. I dug all the pennies out of the bottom of my purse, and walked away with this impressive stash-

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The buttons…oh, the buttons…I’m going to stop back tomorrow with my piggy bank to see what buttons are left 🙂

Hi, I’m Megan and I have a button addiction!

I cast on for a new knit design today- it’s really cute! I can’t share yet, because I hope to submit this one to a magazine. Watching the game again tonight- we made Red Sox history, hitting 4 home runs in a row. WHOOP!! As I type this, we got another one and pulled ahead of the Yankees again. It’s a great day! *lol*

One last thing- stop by the comments and say hello! Over 35 visitors yesterday, and only two people said hi!


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I posted a inquiry on Fiber Freaks to see if anyone wanted to knit a couple of baby sweaters with me. I plan on starting the chunky cabled sweater and the little star sweater (both from “Adorable Knits for Tots” by Zoe Mellor) in the next few weeks. Let me know if you want to join, the sweaters are adorable! Even if you don’t have a wee one of your own- people are popping out babies at a rate of 4.2 per second all over the world! I’m sure you could find someone to give it to!

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Knitted FO and more..

The soaker is finished! For those that were unaware, a soaker is a cloth diaper cover. One made of wool repels wetness, keeping baby dry 🙂 I knit this for an online friend who uses cloth diapers, and is having a bit of a rough patch in her life. I wanted to make her something to show her that her friends are always there for her, plus her wee baby is too stinkin cute not to knit something for 😉
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As I said before, I read the pattern incorrectly and ending up winging the last bit. I also opted for a crocheted ruffle edging, vs a ribbed or stockinette edge. Milli, I tried to knit the ruffles, but quickly gave that idea up! The discerning viewer may note the spots of un-dyedness (a new Megan word!). The frequency of these spots in the skein made me a little ticked at first, but I eventually came to embrace the flaws, as nobody is perfect. I turned around after taking these pictures to discover that I had been followed by a Mama hunter 🙂

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The wee people and I went to Borders this afternoon. How was it that I had never been there before? I always pass it on the way to Barnes & Noble, and for whatever reason, never went in. It had a smaller overall selection then my B&N, but was pretty cool nonetheless. There was a piano set up in the cafe, and a class of tiny girls were performing enchanting melodies. It was so nice to have that bit of beauty to brighten up the day. I walked away with a cool notebook and (finally) a copy of Crochet Today! I had been looking for one for several days. The yarn in the photo is an ebay find, 4 skeins of Mondial Cotton Soft. I love it, because it’s allergy free stuff. Pretty neat, although it’s thinner than I had orginally thought. Still pondering what to do with it, but I couldn’t pass it up at less than $5 for all 4 balls. Price on the tag is $4.95 each.
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Red Sox vs. Yankees again today, and we’re kicking ass at 7-4. Whoop!


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Knitting is good to me today :)

The soaker saga continues. I forgot to blog about the fate of the soaker.  Suffice it to say it fit Natalie, my sturdy 4/5 Natalie, when it should have been a size 12 months. Yeah. Straight to the frog pond it went, and was reborn using this pattern. Or at least, the pattern was a guideline since I didn’t read it correctly.

Did you notice that this pattern is knit in the round? On DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES?! Oh yeah baby. I am the new knitting hotness! (this pic was taken after it switches to straights)

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DPN’s, eyelets, stitch holders and……*drumroll please*

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That’s called the Kitchener Stitch, punk!!! 🙂

I spent the afternoon knitting this up on my balcony, sitting in my fabulous orange chair

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I drank tea out of my new teapot set (gotta love the thrift store!)

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And enjoyed the view. The ducks are the resident pets, and will come when Natalie calls them. Cute!

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Wanna see my little garden? This is my windowbox planter, with tiny little pots of lavendar hanging from the bottom (just planted this morning)

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And look! The first sign of life from Natalie’s butterfly garden:

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I’m off to tackle an icord for the soaker drawstring, and weave in the ends. Will share the final product tomorrow! 🙂

*Edited to add*

Anyone else catch the Red Sox vs. Yankees game this evening?  Red Sox 7 Yankees 6.. FABULOUS!!! Go SOX!!


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