The Stash Inspector Strikes Again!

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Hee hee.

While uploading pics of my FO’s to Ravelry, I realized there were several things I never shared on my blog! We’ll start with Natalie’s skirt, I made it for her to wear to Thanksgiving last year (I think I caught her when she was about to sneeze or something! She wore a nicer shirt for T dinner, this was a pic I took of her last week)

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When I come across some others, I’ll post ’em here. We’re not doing much today, just hanging around the house. Don’t even have to clean, since we took care of that yesterday! I’ve been getting some good knitting/crochet time in this weekend, and I’m now about halfway through my next leaflet proposal 🙂 Thankfully my wrist hasn’t been bothering me as much lately, so I’ve been able to work without that awful wrist brace.
Did anyone else get in on the “Yarn In A Teacup” swap? I saw it in the forums section of Ravelry, and managed to snag the very last invite! Sweet! I love swaps, and I’m also participating in Fiber Freaks “Fiber and Frappe” swap. Too much fun! And finally, a peek at my art project for the day. An emergency list for the kids, because you never know when/if they’ll need the info. We had one taped to the door at our last apartment, and I finally remembered to make another one for our new place!

1. 911

2. Grandmas phone number

3. Our address!
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3 responses to “The Stash Inspector Strikes Again!

  1. LOVE the pic of the baby with the yarn! LOL

  2. I think my stash needs inspecting. Do you rent out the baby?

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