One year

365 days.

Natalie’s 4th birthday.

Gabe’s first day of school.

Jack’s birth.

Gabe’s 6th birthday.


Trips to the science museum.

Jack rolling over for the first time.


Gabe’s first loose tooth.

New Years.

Valentines Day.

Saturday picnics at the park.


Jack crawling.

Jack walking.

Gabe’s last day of kindergarten.

Jacks first word.

And these are just the highlights. There are so so many more little things that make up the joy that is having children. You missed them all. Your choice. No phone calls. No presents. Nothing. Actions speak louder than words. So much louder. What are they supposed to think now? One year later? Still nothing?

So sad.



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4 responses to “One year

  1. (hug)

    I’m glad you came to Raleigh though, so you could be my friend.

  2. Men baffle me with this shit-I hear about it all the time. I’m sure some women do it, but it’s beyond my wildest thoughts that I could ever walk away from my baby-he is a jerk and I don’t even have anything to say about it-he may or may not ever realize what he’s done.

    I went 18 years not talking to or seeing my dad-he lived the next town over and left when I was 18 (so I was all grown up), however he was always a good dad when he was with us. He met a woman…….you know the rest. Fast forward 18 years, he married said woman…….I was preggers and allowed someone to nudge me into talking to my dad. My dad was adopted and had no “real” family and I guess I figured my brother and I were the only ones and now Elena would be-he was around for a year or two, but then his wife started crap with me (her daughters, grown daughters, but younger then me, who have a father also, were jealous that I was in my dad’s life)-in any event-big blow up and my dad didn’t have the balls to stand up to his wife. When I got sick two years ago, he stopped at the hospital (note, my mom called him and that WILL NOT happen again)-we talked and I told him he was either in Elena’s life or out of it, pick one and do it-don’t diddle with my kids feeling. He picked “in” and I never heard from or saw him again-it’s easy to father a kid, but to be a dad……….takes a man sweetie.

    Hugs to you-you’ve been such a terrific mom

  3. Wow sounds like a great year! so sorry about the dead beat!

  4. That sums up what I am so sad about my father missing in my life. I am getting ready to get married and his response to the news (*Note* I always have to make the contact) is that he will look at his schedule. Way to go in your being an awesome Mom. I know that your kids know you are.

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