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Whew, time has been flying by quickly these days! Jack is already 5 1/2 weeks old, I just can’t believe it. He’s already starting to outgrow some of his clothes! Wow. Gabe has his first field trip coming up, they’re going to a pumpkin farm. Natalie is totally jealous, so I think I’ll end up taking her on her own special trip that day. She wants to go to school soo badly. If I had thought about it, I probably could have enrolled her in preschool. She’s so precocious, I know she’s gonna do well in school.

On the crafty front, I’ve been rather busy. Check out these Christmas beauties:
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This hat is made to match this fabric:
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And I’m totally in love with this guy!
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I have plans for so many handmade Christmas gifts this year, I think I’m gonna have to put myself on a strict schedule! Luckily, most of them are hats or scarves. But still, lots of time involved.



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Super Sweet!

A cupcake pincushion. How fun! I made this for a charity “bake sale” some ebay girlfriends and I are holding. I love it! I’m gonna make a bunch for Natalie to bake with..I’m thinking Xmas gift, since I already ordered her an apron!

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