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We’re here.

And, it’s not so bad. They did quite a few renovations since I moved out last year, and so far I haven’t had any problems with neighbors or anything. We moved in last Friday, and are still unpacking the last few things. 740 square feet doesn’t stretch very far. Oh well. It’s liveable, and it’s cheap. Things could be worse! D and I have been talking a little lately, and he’s making all his usual promises to start sending child support. I’d love to believe it, but I have to have cash in hand first. Until then…we’ll see. Kids are doing well, they like the new place and their new room. They are on spring break this week, and once school starts up again next Tuesday, we’ll have a little extra walk to get to the bus stop (different school zone now, but they can still finish out the year at the old school), but even that is not so bad. Overall, life is good at the moment.

Ugh, how I wish I had a digital camera right now! My mama’s birthday is tomorrow, and I whipped her up an art bag from scratch. Cool retro print canvas, hand stitched denim applique spelling out “art” on the front, blue cotton lining with a wicked pocket, and a cool purple leather handle. It’s for her to carry her supplies to her classes and such. I can’t even begin to describe how cool it is! Maybe I’ll get mom to snap a picture so I can share. I’m so proud of it 🙂 Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, my mom is an artist!  She and I just had a really great time at Clay Day at Artists Oasis , and made several really cool pendants. One of the ones I made is going into a swap package for a buddy over on Craftster. I’m so excited to be into swaps again…this one is Fairytales and Folklore, and I’m having an absolute blast.

 So see, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Pulling myself out of the crushing depression of a few months ago. Living my life to the best of my ability, and enjoying my kiddos every day. Life is good 🙂



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This place makes me want to knit socks.

I have no idea why! I guess I had better finish up this pattern writing and get to it!  I have never knit a sock in my life, but I think this is a good place to start 🙂  We’re getting the last few things put into place, and the place is looking great. I can’t wait to buy my washer and dryer, and a dining room table. Then everything will be complete.

Why are cable guys always so sexy? Hot damn. My services were turned on again yesterday (by two pretty good looking guys) but the television was missing about half the channels. So a tech came out this morning…. Sexy as hell.

Kids and I are all a little sick right now. Gabe brought it home from school, and was better in about a day. The little ones and I have been ill for nearly 3 days and it sucks. Of COURSE I had to be completely stuffed up when the cute cable guy came over. Of course. Did you know Jack will be 7 months old tomorrow!? He’s getting soo big! I know I’m a little biased (being the mama and all!) but he is so damn advanced for his age, he’s continuously astounding me and my mom both.  Such a lil sweetie pie 🙂


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Going offline

I’ll be moving the computer over to the new place tomorrow, and cable won’t be hooked up until Wednesday. So much for the 24-48 hours quoted to me last week by the airhead cs rep. But thats a whole ‘nuther story.

I received the package from the publishing company today! It was exciting to see the contract to sign, but a little upsetting (truly, it was only slightly) to see that they had decided against two designs. I think this only bothered me because they decided it after I spoke to the rep last week, so I thought they were all being accepted.  Hey, rejection is a part of the game, right? I can take it like a big girl 🙂 I think they weren’t included because they don’t exactly “match” the rest of the items (though they are similar). I can see where the accepted designs form more of an exclusive group now. And, I’ll just submit these elsewhere when I have the time.

 I’m heading to bed now, gotta get up early early early to finish moving the big stuff over, then I have to clean the apartment and continue priming the walls.  Miss me much!


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It’s amazing how much promise a new home can hold. I love my new apartment. Absolutely love it. It’s bigger, has washer/dryer hookups, and NICE NEIGHBORS! Omg. I met my immediate neighbors today- two very nice college girls, who love kids and offered to babysit anytime I needed it! We had a wonderful conversation, and it was so fabulous I nearly cried. Seriously. You have no idea how isolated I am in the ghetto. The only white girl around. Hell, I’m one of only 3 white people period (and ostracized because of it). No one speaks English, and those that do use it to sell drugs. Normal neighbors. What a relief.


After posting the above entry, I decided to take one more load of stuff over, and met 3 more of my neighbors! Everyone is SO NICE! The couple across from me has two children, a 2 year old boy and a 6 year old girl! The kids hit it off right away while the mom and I chatted, and then hugged each other when it was time to leave. Everybody say awww! This is so freakin perfect. I’m so happy!


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Mixed feelings

Not about the move, I’m totally jazzed about that! However, upon returning to the ghetto, I discovered that someone has popped open the lock on my mailbox AGAIN and stolen all my mail. AGAIN. I had the rental office place a brand new lock on it about a week or two ago. It was fine yesterday, so someone did that today. So, I just called the police. Again. They’re supposed to send an officer out, I suppose they could dust for fingerprints. Not only is this NOT the first time it has happened to me, there were other broken locks a few weeks ago. Although, as far as I can tell mine is the only one broken now. Bastards. What concerns me is the package I’m waiting on from the publisher- I swear to some higher power it had better not have been in there. I also forgot to mention to ya’ll that someone stole my package from Good Yarn Karma right out of the rental office. Karma baby. I hope it kicks this person (or persons) in the ass. Twice. Oooh, and someone was tampering with my deadbolt lock over the weekend. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO out of here.

I’m off to download my “before” pictures and have a slightly better evening…I hope!


On a happier note, here are a few quick shots of the new place. For comparison, first there is a picture of my current building (taken from my car, because I don’t want to flash my camera in front of any of these theives). And the last picture is the view from my new balcony (I’m on the second floor)

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