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I swear I thought yesterday was Thursday. Or maybe even Friday. My whole week is screwed up!

I have a new favorite artist- Colbie Caillat. My friend Liz introduced me to her myspace page, and she just released a CD (available at Target). My favorite song of hers is “Bubbly”. She rocks!

Milli came over for knit night last night and we had a nice time…even though Jack was being a stinker and wouldn’t let me knit more than a few stitches. I’m working on a new top design:

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And it’s been giving me fits today. I’m going to sit down and work on it more after bathing the kids and tossing them in the bed, and hopefully it will see reason 🙂 Did I ever share my $15 high chair (via craigslist) with you?

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Jack loves it. And I must say, it’s nice to be able to feed him without holding him on my lap! It’s a Graco and though it wasn’t in brand new condition, a good scrubbing with bleach got it pretty damn close. One other picture to share- Jack was looking SO DARN CUTE yesterday, but I couldn’t get him to smile for me (he hates wearing his shoes, and loves to remind you)

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I love this boy.



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When kids are super cute…

Mom can’t help but grab the camera! Meet Ninja Gabe, Doctor/Ninja Natalie and their sidekick,  Baby Ninja King (just in case you were wondering, I got to be Queen Ninja Mom!)

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Also, did you know the Stash Inspector will have a peek at your books too? Be careful though, he has been known to rip out page 17 of the Crochet Stitch Bible!
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And this one from last night, with my night owl boys. It was too cute 🙂

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I had a very nice mail day today. My Fiber and Frappe package arrived! (Technically it could have arrived a few days ago, but it’s been a while since I’ve checked my mail 🙂 ) My swap partner was Su, and she sent me the most awesome package! Thank you so much Su. I can’t wait to try to Chai, the yarn is fabulous, and the notepad is too cute!!

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I just finished. It was fantastic. Have plenty of tissues.


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Long time, eh? Sorry about that! I’ve been pretty busy the past two weeks…getting the things I still needed for the house (LOVE craigslist!!), planning and hosting Natalie’s 5th birthday party, having a blast with a high school friend who came to visit..the list goes on and on! I sat down several times to blog, but couldn’t come up with anything to say! I’m still waiting on my sister to email the pictures from Natalie’s party, but suffice to say it was a blast. She had such a good time, and I think the only thing that would have made it better would have been cooler weather. I’m not much for hot, humid days!

So, I totally love craigslist! I was able to get the kids a set of bunkbeds with mattresses (twin on top, full on bottom) for $150, a 4 year old (and in perfect condition!) washer for $50, and an older but still perfectly functional dryer for $35. You can’t beat that! I am SO in love with being able to wash clothes at home again. My washing has been going along faster than I’m able to fold, so I’ve got quite a towering basket of clean laundry in my room…but it’s all good! :o)

 Has anyone had a chance to see the new Harry Potter movie yet? I’m DYING to go, but I’m not quite sure it would be appropriate for my new 5 year old. Natalie likes HP, but this is a “darker” movie than the rest, and I just don’t want to freak her out.


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25 years

A quarter century. Oy. I feel old! Tomorrow is my birthday, what a day to be able to cash my first designing paycheck 🙂 Mom is making me a surprise dinner at her place, and we’re probably going to hang out during the day. It will be nice and relaxing, and I’ll try not to think about getting old *lol*


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