Our last summer weekend

School starts on Monday. HOORAY! My house will now be *almost* quiet during the day, except for the terror that is almost two year old Jack! That kid has some lungs, let me tell you. We are spending our Saturday morning cleaning house and doing mounds of laundry. In addition to preparing for the start of school, my younger sister Mallory is coming for a visit tonight. Did I tell you- she’s expecting her first baby!! Her boyfriend of several years proposed to her last time she visited him (he’s in the Navy, works on the ship that Demetryus used to be on, and is currently in California, soon to be Japan.) and she is just glowing! I can’t wait to see her, she is coming to look for an apartment, since Devonte (fiance) will not be back for the birth of the baby. Such is military life. So anyway, we are getting ready for her visit today and our big picnic tomorrow. Hopefully I will remember to bring my camera this time to share kid pics! They are getting so big, I can hardly believe it. Gabe will be 8 in November, Natalie is 6 and Jack is nearly 2. Where on earth did the time go??


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