Recycled Bedside Box!

My boyfriend rescued this old wooden box from the trash and brought it home for me to “do something crafty with” (those where his exact words! *lol*). I painted it a plain blue for a base coat, then finished it off with a shiny blue paint. I used gorgeous scrapbook paper to line the top and insides, and then glued a million buttons to the top. The interior top has a small sticker that says “bloom into you” in the middle. Sweet, simple and I love it! It now sits on my bedside table, holding my journal and lavender sachets- which is a much better use than rotting in a landfill, right?!






Filed under Art, Green Living

2 responses to “Recycled Bedside Box!

  1. i saw your post on craftster and had to come by your blog to read more 🙂 this is so cute and creative-i love the colors!

  2. What a pity to transform such treasure !

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