I <3 To Sew Swap

I received my package from the I ❤ To Sew Swap today, and I love it! My partner sent a fabulous package. I loved the little pear pincushion and the knitting roll- how cool is that!! The fabrics looks like so much fun, I’m already planning a new purse and a new cosmetic bag with them. The swimsuit fabric is from Speedo, and is so pretty. The pattern she sent along with it does not include my current size, but I’m doing Weight Watchers with a friend, so hopefully in the future! It will be something to look forward to! I love the long zippers, most of the ones I have in my possesion are 7″ or so. These new ones will be good for backpacks- I have been debating making Natalie a new one for school. I figure I should make her one now, before she starts getting bogged down with homework! Oh, and the box of buttons makes me so happy! I have been making button flowers, and now I have a whole crop of new buttons to choose from. Today was a really good mail day!




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