The Black Apple Doll


This doll is so freakin cute! (The pattern is here: ) I ended up overstuffing her limbs a wee bit, but she’s still adorable. She doesn’t have a name yet, because she is intended for Natalie’s 6th bday next week and I’m sure Natalie will think up something. Can you believe my baby girl will be 6? I feel old! Not that turning 26 myself last week helped. Oh yeah, and you’re supposed to enlarge the pattern by 150%, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that with my computer, so I printed one out normally and brought it to Office Depot. The nice folks there blew it up for me for a whopping $0.19 INCLUDING tax *lol* Thats all I have for now, be back later with more crafty goodness to share!



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5 responses to “The Black Apple Doll

  1. She turned out cute!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  2. retrobebe

    I MISS YOU!!!

    happy belated bday 🙂

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  4. I made one of those dolls from Black Apple, I like them so much!
    I like yours with that green hair! It’s very original!

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