We’re here.

And, it’s not so bad. They did quite a few renovations since I moved out last year, and so far I haven’t had any problems with neighbors or anything. We moved in last Friday, and are still unpacking the last few things. 740 square feet doesn’t stretch very far. Oh well. It’s liveable, and it’s cheap. Things could be worse! D and I have been talking a little lately, and he’s making all his usual promises to start sending child support. I’d love to believe it, but I have to have cash in hand first. Until then…we’ll see. Kids are doing well, they like the new place and their new room. They are on spring break this week, and once school starts up again next Tuesday, we’ll have a little extra walk to get to the bus stop (different school zone now, but they can still finish out the year at the old school), but even that is not so bad. Overall, life is good at the moment.

Ugh, how I wish I had a digital camera right now! My mama’s birthday is tomorrow, and I whipped her up an art bag from scratch. Cool retro print canvas, hand stitched denim applique spelling out “art” on the front, blue cotton lining with a wicked pocket, and a cool purple leather handle. It’s for her to carry her supplies to her classes and such. I can’t even begin to describe how cool it is! Maybe I’ll get mom to snap a picture so I can share. I’m so proud of it 🙂 Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, my mom is an artist!  She and I just had a really great time at Clay Day at Artists Oasis , and made several really cool pendants. One of the ones I made is going into a swap package for a buddy over on Craftster. I’m so excited to be into swaps again…this one is Fairytales and Folklore, and I’m having an absolute blast.

 So see, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Pulling myself out of the crushing depression of a few months ago. Living my life to the best of my ability, and enjoying my kiddos every day. Life is good 🙂



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3 responses to “We’re here.

  1. Glad to see you back!

  2. retrobebe

    Glad to hear you are ok!! I miss you so! girlie, call me 24-7 if you need anything!!!

  3. Lynlee

    Good to hear you’re settled in and doing well. Get some pics of those pendants, too! I’d love to see them!

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