Been a while

Damn! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started to post again, only to have something come up and prevent me from finishing. I’m going to make blogging a bigger priority now, because a) I miss my online buddies- I haven’t been reading blogs lately either! And b) I like having a “diary” of events in my life…it’s nice to read about what I was doing a year ago, 6 months ago, etc. etc. I’ve been up to quite a lot since my last post. Haven’t done an awful lot of knitting/crocheting, and what I have done is pretty boring. Pot holders and such.  I did make a hat for my brothers xmas gift and I’m working on another one right now, but they’re still not very exciting. Oh wait! Did I ever share my owl purse? I loved this thing 🙂

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Hmm..what else…we got a new kitty! Her name is Baby Girl Beefcake Angelina III! And no, there never was a I or II 🙂

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Of course we still have that naughty kitty Roxy, and after an initial (extreme!!) dislike of baby kitty, the two are getting along famously. I love my kitties, although I’m still jealous of Lynlee’s awesome feline!

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Oh yeah- I got to meet RACHEL FREAKIN RAY!!!!!!!!

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She was in town to promote her new book, and to sign, sign, sign! Chris and I got a cookbook signed for ourselves, one for his mom for Christmas, and a magazine for part of my girlfriend Elizabeth’s present. We weren’t allowed to take pictures with her, but it was an amazing experience. She is such a sweetie! Even after signing about a hundred families’ books in front of us (each person could have up to 10 books signed!) and arriving late due to a airline issue, she was still in such good spirits. My mom and I had to stand in line earlier that morning at 6 am to get the coveted wristband that allowed us into the bookstore, and then we waited in line for several hours that evening before getting a chance to see her, but it was totally worth it. And the kids were so damn good! (of course, the cookies Grandma bought them from Starbucks totally helped!!)

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My first real celebrity meeting. WHOOHOOO! My big boy Gabe also had a birthday recently, turning 7 and totally making his mama feel old.

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We had a very small party with just my mom, brother, and aunt who were able to come, but it was lots of fun. Spiderman everywhere! Now we’re gearing up for xmas and my sisters 21st bday on xmas eve, and working hard to pay the rent on time. Oh yeah, I got me a job! Working at Target again. Retail during the holidays? Ugh. It’s been nuts! But the pay is okay (not the best, but pretty good for the job and the area) and they are working pretty well with my schedule so it’s good. Today is a much needed day off, although they keep calling me, trying to get me to come in and cover for some of their missing cashiers. Not today buddy! I’m off to enjoy my day with my baby boy and my big boyfriend 🙂 Cya peeps!



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4 responses to “Been a while

  1. Yes, it has been a while and it’s unforgivable (LOL).

    Love the bag totally.

    The kids look great, growing like weeds!

  2. Allison

    I need to buy a cookie like that for my 2-yr old!

  3. Good to see you again.
    I’m all moved. You must come see.

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