I could talk to him all night long

Damn. I like this boy so much. Even thought it’s not something I was necessarily looking for, he’s the anti-D. Besides the obvious white/black, civilian/military angles…he’s actually got a conscience and morals. What a refreshing change. On the nights that we don’t get together, we talk. A lot. And I love it. Sigh….can’t wait to see him again tonight šŸ™‚

Can you believe Jack is almost a year old?! I’ve started planning his little party and it just makes me want to cry when I think of how big he is. My sweet lil smidgen is growing up! Gabe and Natalie are both getting SO EXCITED about the school year starting. We’ve still got a little over a week to go, but the backpacks are packed and the first days outfit is picked out. Well, for Natalie anyway…I think Gabe could care less what he wears *lol*. Wait until you see Natalie’s dress, it’s way too adorable for words. We have a “meet the teacher” next Thursday that I’m really looking forward too. I didn’t get to meet Gabe’s kindergarten teacher ahead of time, but thankfully she turned out to be wonderful. 2 kids in school all day. Whatever will I do with just me and Jack?!

That’s all I have for today…gotta finish cleaning out the too small kids clothes and make a run to the thrift store…then get ready for my hot date tonight… :o) :o)



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4 responses to “I could talk to him all night long

  1. I’m so glad you found someone wonderful! You deserve it!

  2. dsa0901

    I am thrilled for you also!

  3. retrobebe

    heheh yay hot date!!!!!!

  4. im happy for ya too girly!

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