We have a winner!

Natalie did the honor of selecting the winning number from a bag, and the winner of my very first blog contest is……

#10- Bron!  Bron, send your mailing info to me (winstongang AT yahoo.com) and I’ll get your goodies on the way! Thanks to everyone for participating, this was a lot of fun! I realized I forgot to answer my own question though- I learned to crochet from my good friend Brooke, who was my neighbor in VA when Natalie was a baby. She gave me a silvery blue Susan Bates “J” hook and some red acrylic yarn, and showed me how to make a granny square. That square grew mighty big! After learning the basic stitches from Brooke, I taught myself other techniques from books and online resources. I taught myself to knit about 2 years ago, and I’m finally comfortable enough with it to begin designing a few things on my own. I do have plenty of garter stitch scarves from the first year of learning! And thats my story 🙂


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