A good place to be.

Every so often I hear something about The Jerk and one or two of his girlfriends. Not sure if all of them are kissy kissy girlfriends, or hey-I-happen-to-have-a-vagina girlfriends, but it doesn’t really matter. Some of them have had the nerve to email me on Myspace, some of them continue to call my cell phone and send me cutesy little “oops I thought this was D’s number” text messages. In the beginining, it made me sad and upset. A couple of months ago, it made me mad. Hell, a few weeks ago it still pissed me off. But you know what I realized with today’s message? It really doesn’t bother me anymore. I sat back from my computer screen, and asked myself what I honestly felt. Mostly- it was pity for these girls for a) feeling the need to be nasty to me, when I mostly have no idea who they are and b) being with him in the first place. It honest to God doesn’t upset me anymore, and this is a nice place to be.



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6 responses to “A good place to be.

  1. Congrats. That is a wonderful place to be.

  2. It is a good place to be and it shows how damn insecure THEY are having the need to do that.

  3. And I might add, what a fucking idiot D is for even allowing this crap to go on-I knew he was an asshat before, but talk about the final nail in the coffin

  4. Yay, good for you!!

  5. They’re idiots and give the rest of woman-kind a bad name. If they choose to be with him, knowing full well what he did to you and your kids… Well, I have no respect for them.

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