Gabe started getting sick again yesterday afternoon, causing him to stay home from school and the little ones & I had to stay home from a scheduled playdate. Bummer all around. The weekend went pretty well, we stayed at home the entire time, playing games, watching movies, eating popcorn and being crafty (well, I was anyway!). I made Natalie several new sets of hair flowers yesterday, and have plans to use up all my fabric scraps this way!

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I also finished the baby bib I had been knitting for Jack. The yarn is Lion Cotton, I just fell in love with the color the moment I saw it, and knew I had to have something made from it! Didn’t use a pattern, just knit a washcloth and added straps *lol*

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Sorry for the crappy side photo, Jack is Not In The Mood. I think he may be feeling a wee bit sick as well, poor baby. I’m nearly finished with my Stitch & Pitch project…I had planned to have it totally completed by the end of the weekend, but then read that they extended the deadline by a month! So, plenty of time left. I still want to get it done asap, and will share a picture as soon as I’ve uploaded it to the Flickr pool set up for them. Until then!



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2 responses to “Tuesday

  1. love the barrets! and the bib is excellent!

  2. The barretts and bib are so cute! And your kids are adorable!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Somewhere in the back of head *buried pretty deep* I know it will get easier to deal with, but right now…. men just suck! I just want to drive up to Chicago and throttle him till he sees, really sees, just WTF he threw away. Dumbass!


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