Going Green

Here in the Winston household, we are diligently trying to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as living greener in general. We cleaned up the pond behind our home on Earth Day, have been buying more local/organic food products (gotta love Whole Foods Market) and I recently threw together these reusable grocery bags

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Who knew grocery shopping could be so stylish?! The two larger bags are lined with an orange cotton, one small one is lined with green and the other with blue. I totally love them! I can’t wait to make more, but I was borrowing my Mom’s sewing machine and she needed it back. Bummer. I’ll be getting my own when my check finally comes in. Speaking of that, I called the publishing company to inquire about payment, since it had been a month since I received the invoice (which stated payment was being sent). I got a call back from a very nice woman who explained that there had been a merger/buyout thing and payments (for many designers) was kinda in limbo. As nice as it is to know that the check is not lost in the mail or anything…I just want to get paid! She told me it should have only taken two weeks. Sigh. So perhaps next week…perhaps. I did learn when my publication was going to be available though- next May!! A whole year. Crazy. The patterns are season-specific though, so I can understand it. I’m just so excited, it’s driving me crazy to have to wait another year!! In other crafty news, here is my Memorial Day project- A patriotic quilt for Jackson (corner flipped up so you can see the backing)

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This is my very first quilt project, and so far it’s coming along nicely. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!



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2 responses to “Going Green

  1. i like your quilt! it’s going well. those bags are great. go new sweing machines, i just got one a while ago. i love it!

  2. Great looking quilt and the bags too. Bummer about the check being held up.

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