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20 responses to “Contest

  1. I like your “button” that you made-nice!

    I taught myself to crochet a few years ago (3 or 4 I think). I had a set of Susan Bates Aluminum Hooks and the book “Crocheting in Plain English” for over ten years and moved it with me at least 5 times, always taking it out and never getting past a chain-but I kept telling myself I would learn. No one I “know” around here crochets or knits-so I knew I would be on my own.

    What motivated me to really learn was my late MIL. She was a knitter-dishcloths, scarves, hats and slippers. Strictly RHSS and Sugar N Cream. When we would go to Massachusetts, I would see her knitting away and she had a few crochet hooks too (for the edging on her dishcloths). I mentioned wanted to learn to crochet and she kind of made a face-I’m unsure if it was because she thought crochet was lame or because it seemed so hard to her to follow the patterns. Anyway, I kept telling myself I would learn. Sadly, my MIL passed away before I could share with her my first FO. I was given all her knitting needles and her few hooks, scissors, etc and I use her scissors all the time now. My main motivation was her and also that I wanted to learn because I wanted to make something for Elena that she could have, use and hopefully cherish as a keepsake.

    That’s the scoop!

  2. Oooh! Contest!!!

    I’ve been seriously interested in the fiberarts for the past 7 years, but I originally started about 25 years ago when I was in elementary school. I had pulled a pair of knitting needles and some random yarn out of my mom’s stash, and pretended to knit at the babysitter’s house after school. Mom decided that if I was that determined, she would teach me to cast on and knit. That didn’t last long. Then came crochet. Mom taught me that too, and I taught myself to crochet circular items. I even crochet a little bear for a cousin for his birthday (I was about ten at the time).

    Years went by, and I didn’t knit or crochet until college. Then my aunt started knitting washcloths and scarves, so I had to join in. Then we kind of got competitive. I started knitting socks, then a pullover done in the round, then an aran cardigan. Soon I found myself spinning yarn, and now there’s no looking back…

  3. My grandma taught me how to knit a long time ago (like when i was 12 or something). Then I put it down for a few years. Just last winter (06), I really wanted to learn how to knit. I saw a dog sweater book and had to make them. I mean, how hard could little sweaters be? I was wrong.
    My boyfriend’s step mom was the only one I knew who could so i asked her to help me. All I needed to know was how to get the yarn on the needle and how to do one stitch and the rest i basically taught myself. I’m always open for suggestions and sometimes I have to ask how to do a special stitch.
    I can’t see myself getting into spinning (I think I’m allergic to the roving). And I promised myself I will never make socks (my feet and my bf’s feet are WAY too big to even wanna attempt to make socks)

  4. A neighbour lady, Mrs Stoneman, taught me to knit at about 8yrs old.

    I knit a horrible, brown, scratchy, wool scarf. My Dad very kindly wore it whenever he shovelled the drive. It was warm but very ugly. I stopped for a long time after that & started again in High School with my Mom when I wanted an expensive ski sweater.

  5. Kel

    As a new stay at mom in a brand new town, a wonderful neighbor also SAHM and I started to spend lots of time together. She and I got on the subject of crocheting. She told she knew how but hadn’t done it in years. Well, I begged her to teach me and not only did it become a passion of mine, it renewed hers as well.

    BTW, I love the button!

  6. Ohhh! I love contests! My grandma’s both crocheted. one with her left hand, one with her right hand. I learned both ways but grew to love right hand. I started crocheting while expecting dd#2 in 1996. The first thing I ever made was…. a doily. I didnt start with yarn. Guess that’s why I’m a threadie at heart. Good luck with your contest. And, I heart your button too!

  7. Cool Contest!
    When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter 15 years ago a good friend taught me to crochet when I expressed an interest. I am right handed and she was left handed and she still managed to teach me rather quickly! Both of my Grandmothers could crochet but they could never teach me….no patience. Now, I am the only one in the family that crochets and I think my Grandmothers’ would be proud!

  8. I had been interested for a few years (my sister’s grandma had made a gorgeous baby blanket for Miss Pax and I envied her mad little ol’ lady crochet skillz) so when I found out that a friend of mine crocheted, I asked her to teach me. She did. It took all of about 5 minutes for me to catch on and by the next day Pax had a new scarf.

    Taught myself to knit a few months back – maybe a year ago by now… I just wanted to make something but didn’t feel like crocheting.

    I learned to weave at a job a few years back and I l-o-v-e it. I will own a loom someday.

    Next, I want to learn to spin.

    Then, I’ll think about buying sheep.

  9. Hi – this is the first time I’ve found your blog through a tag and I love contests so … excellent, all round!. I used to work in a boarding school , looking after 30 girls. I’d get off at 11pm and then walk in the door to my flat which was attached to the house. That meant there was about 3 seconds of wind down time between work and home. So I decided I needed something calming to do. I went and bought a Debbie Bliss learn to knit book and started knitting for my sanity. I’m not sure that I managed the sanity part but I did manage to knit. And so I’ve kept on going. I’ve just got my first spindle for my birthday! and so it goes on…
    thanks for running this. It’s fun to here about everyone’s stories.

  10. I learned both knitting & crochet at my Mama’s knee, 35 years ago. ::grin:: She taught me both when I was 9. I can still remember the first crochet chain I made: it was of gray acrylic and stretched across the living room & back!

    Thank goodness she finally taught me the sc stitch, or that chain would’ve eventually reached around the block!

  11. Sharon

    I learned to knit when I was 10 in 4-H. When I was 12, my grandmother inspired me to learn to crochet. I checked out some books at the library and she helped me when she could. At that time, I stopped knitting. Just recently I picked up knitting again after 30 years away from it.

  12. I thought myself to crochet 3 years ago ( I was 21 years old then ). Anyway, I wanted a crocheted bag and neither my mom or my grandma didn’t want to crochet for me. I was so mad at them that I took a crochet hook from them and started to learn how to crochet. I used one of my moms books. Inside, there was a wonderful tutorial for left handed and right handed crocheters. Well, I write with my left hand and it was obvious that I would take the left handed tutorial. At first, I thought that when I finish the bag I will lose my interest in crocheting. But I was wrong. After 3 years of crocheting I can get enough of it, and everyday I learn new things. Now, I can proudly say that I’m a better crocheter than my mom and my grandma.

  13. When I was about 7 years old I was watching Grandma crochet and when she got up to go — I picked it up and did a few stiches. When she got back and saw what I had done she gave me a hook and ball of yarn and told me to do my own crochet. After that I pretty much taught myself, doing different things that Grandma could not do.
    When I was 12 I wanted to learn to knit so I bought a pamplet and needles and went from there.
    Granny taught me to sew doll quilts when I was 4 or 5.
    In jr hi I learned to sew clothes.

  14. Oh goodie, a contest!
    I learned how to knit almost 3 years ago. A (now) friend of mine from church, invited me to a knitting night at the LYS. She taught me how to knit and purl in one night. I then made a hat for Gabe he was just 1, now he is 4! Time sure flys by. And now I’ve got 3 kids to knit for:)

  15. Liz

    When I was in college in the early 90s, my roommate knew how to knit and she taught several of our group of friends how, but I always felt I was too busy to pick up the hobby during college…so, about 3 years ago, I decided I would teach myself (things at work were really slow during the holidays, and I had time to kill). I did learn, but it didn’t grab me.

    For some reason, I picked it up again at the end of 2005 (probably b/c my son was born at the beginning of that year, and I was feeling a bit more domestic after that). Now I am totally addicted, and always have 2 or 3 projects going. I haven’t won any contests yet though! 😉

  16. Cool button, Megan!

    I was first interested in crochet when I visited my great-grandma and my great aunt was working on a gorgeous doily, very similar to the ones Stacey (DixieRedhead) makes. I was probably about 5 and so keen to learn…the rest is a blur timewise. My mum taught me to knit, I was maybe 7, and my gran taught me to crochet around the same time.

  17. My nonna taught me when I was like 7 or 8 years old. She started with crochet, but it was hard because I’m a leftie and she was a right and she kept trying to get me to use my right hand *wasn’t happening* so then she tried knitting, but I would pull my stitches really tight. Then when I was about 19 I just started crocheting and just last year I picked up knitting needles and started knitting. Love it! Thanks Nonna!! 🙂

  18. I learned crocheting when I was 8 years old.
    My Great-Grandma and two of my aunts all had turns teaching me.
    Knitting? I am still learning

  19. when i was about 7 or 8 i went to my mom’s cousin’s apt. she was a crocheter and she had doilies on the tables and stiff lacy baskets filled with candy. she had lacy little mats on the arms of the sofa and chairs and a bedspread made out of what looked like hundreds of little scrap yo-yos. in her kitchen she had a runner on the table, crochet fruit on the wall and curtains she made with crochet lacy edging. her towels also had a crochet trim. we were all dirt poor at that time and any possessions we had were very modest. but i remember being dazzled by how beautiful her little apt. looked with the things she made herself. i could not believe she did this all herself. that was the beginning of my love for handmaking and crafting. i thought if i could do this i could have a beautiful home like hers. she tried to teach me but she only spoke spanish and did everything in her head. never bought or read a pattern. i found it so hard to follow her. i just assumed that this was a really difficult task to master. my mom, knew how to sew and embroider but she had no spare time. with 5 kids (3 of her own and 2 of the single mom neighbor she helped out with) 2 that were in diapers that she had washed, she just had no time or was too tired.

    so at that early age i felt that one could change your world from drab to fab if you knew how to make it yourself. i became obsessed with crochet. i started taking books out of the library and reading how to books. i did not have a needle or yarn until i saved my ice cream $ to buy a needle, some yarn and a 2 page brochure called something like teach yourself to crochet. i spent hours making chains, rows of sc and dc. i got pattern books from the library and practiced but never really completed a project. eventually, i grew bored with the whole thing. i started sewing and playing with other crafts. when i got pregnant, i got the bug again. this time i was older. I got another teach yourself brochure and started up again. this time i was able to ask other people questions and finished a few projects. it has been my guilty pleasure ever since. while my children were young i had no time but managed to complete a project every once in a while.

    when my daughter got pregnant, the fever hit me. it has been my constant obsession ever since. my first creative love.

    sorry for the long rambling, but once i started the memories just came pouring back.

  20. Im self taught i love all crafts think i have done it all but im really into crochet , knitting, sewing. Right now im tackling
    the YoYos made a blog called yoyo along and now that im retired i crochet bags afghans knit socks and sew. I am just learning to make needle books i love to work with felt infact at work i would make ornaments for the christmas luncheon for the employees and i just about crochet anything. Im the only one in the family with this talent. They do put up with me lol.
    Im called craftypiggie and known on the web . But my passion for sock yarn has grown and so has my internet friends i too am having a contest so come and check it out hugs kat

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