7 Unknown Things About Me

1) I’m allergic to eucalyptus. Can’t even walk down that aisle in the craft store.

2) I’m a Star Wars nut.
3) I pass out whenever I get blood drawn. Well, unless I’m laying completely flat on my back.

4)  I sometimes wish I had been able to “sow my wild oats” before having kids. I never regret having them, just occasionally yearn for a little wild and carefree time, only having to worry about myself. (I got pregnant with Gabe when I was 17)

5) I get depressed very easily, and rarely show it.
6) I smoked pot twice in high school.

7) I was once invited to have a threesome with my best friend K and her boyfriend. I very kindly refused, but was flattered nonetheless 😀



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2 responses to “7 Unknown Things About Me

  1. You had your kids so young, you’ll be able to sow your wild oats when your still young ;).

    Smoked pot twice? And you felt this was an unusual thing? Well, maybe the just twice part was (LOL)

  2. Kat

    haha I knew about #4 🙂

    and the tree that always hit you!!

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