Knitted FO and more..

The soaker is finished! For those that were unaware, a soaker is a cloth diaper cover. One made of wool repels wetness, keeping baby dry 🙂 I knit this for an online friend who uses cloth diapers, and is having a bit of a rough patch in her life. I wanted to make her something to show her that her friends are always there for her, plus her wee baby is too stinkin cute not to knit something for 😉
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As I said before, I read the pattern incorrectly and ending up winging the last bit. I also opted for a crocheted ruffle edging, vs a ribbed or stockinette edge. Milli, I tried to knit the ruffles, but quickly gave that idea up! The discerning viewer may note the spots of un-dyedness (a new Megan word!). The frequency of these spots in the skein made me a little ticked at first, but I eventually came to embrace the flaws, as nobody is perfect. I turned around after taking these pictures to discover that I had been followed by a Mama hunter 🙂

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The wee people and I went to Borders this afternoon. How was it that I had never been there before? I always pass it on the way to Barnes & Noble, and for whatever reason, never went in. It had a smaller overall selection then my B&N, but was pretty cool nonetheless. There was a piano set up in the cafe, and a class of tiny girls were performing enchanting melodies. It was so nice to have that bit of beauty to brighten up the day. I walked away with a cool notebook and (finally) a copy of Crochet Today! I had been looking for one for several days. The yarn in the photo is an ebay find, 4 skeins of Mondial Cotton Soft. I love it, because it’s allergy free stuff. Pretty neat, although it’s thinner than I had orginally thought. Still pondering what to do with it, but I couldn’t pass it up at less than $5 for all 4 balls. Price on the tag is $4.95 each.
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Red Sox vs. Yankees again today, and we’re kicking ass at 7-4. Whoop!



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3 responses to “Knitted FO and more..

  1. That soaker is adorable-I’ve never been around anyone who used cloth diapers, but did know what a soaker was :).

    Yes, the BoSox game is on here right now-of course.

  2. The soaker came out great! yay!

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