Going offline

I’ll be moving the computer over to the new place tomorrow, and cable won’t be hooked up until Wednesday. So much for the 24-48 hours quoted to me last week by the airhead cs rep. But thats a whole ‘nuther story.

I received the package from the publishing company today! It was exciting to see the contract to sign, but a little upsetting (truly, it was only slightly) to see that they had decided against two designs. I think this only bothered me because they decided it after I spoke to the rep last week, so I thought they were all being accepted.  Hey, rejection is a part of the game, right? I can take it like a big girl 🙂 I think they weren’t included because they don’t exactly “match” the rest of the items (though they are similar). I can see where the accepted designs form more of an exclusive group now. And, I’ll just submit these elsewhere when I have the time.

 I’m heading to bed now, gotta get up early early early to finish moving the big stuff over, then I have to clean the apartment and continue priming the walls.  Miss me much!



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3 responses to “Going offline

  1. Take care, hope the move goes well!

  2. I’m glad things are looking good for you! “See” ya Wednesday!

  3. hi megan! Hope the move all went well and your back online soon. Just wanted you to know I’m sending out your swap package today ( Thursday ) via priority mail so start stalking. *hugs*

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