The Move..

I received a call from my rental office this morning. They had an apartment open up in their building (same complex of course) and wanted to know if I would like this one instead of waiting for the other complex. Now, it’s not the wait that’s the problem, the only worry I have about the new place is the increase in rent. Especially since D is no longer re-enlisting. As much as I wanted to move out of this place, the building the office is in is much nicer than my current building, and it’s away from all the crazies. I would be able to keep the same rent amount, and probably not have to sign a new lease (I’ll have to double check on this, but I’m reasonably certain). I’m going to check out the new (but same) apartment this afternoon before making a decision. I feel like that is the better solution, at least until I know how things are going to play out in the future. As much as I like the 2nd complex (I was dreaming of the washer dryer hookups last night…) I think staying in the cheaper place at least until my lease is up (end of Oct.) would work. I think. I don’t know. Sigh…I hate having to make decisions like this. I’ll know more this afternoon….

However, it doesn’t matter where I go, my new kitchen will also be painted orange- so don’t worry about a change Stacey! 🙂 I’m totally excited about the Fiber Freaks swap!



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2 responses to “The Move..

  1. You have to do what is good for you and your family-safety wise and money wise. If you know you can swing the rent as it is, then move to the same, yet different.

    I’m excited about the swap too!

  2. I agree with Deneen. You need to do whats best for you + family. I heart that orange color. So vibrant!

    oh, and I heart the swap too!

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