New place?

I went into my rental office today, and told them what happened over the weekend. The young woman who works there (she’s great) confirmed that the only way I could get out of my lease without paying zillions of fines was to find someone who wanted to rent my specific apartment. That’s not likely, since I wouldn’t reccommend this place to anyone. However…she did tell me I could transfer to their other property (which is a hell of a lot nicer)! I’m quite excited about this- it’s about $125 more per month in rent, but whats that compared to the safety of my children? Nothing. Just tighten the belt, and all will be fine. I actually viewed one of the apartments when I was looking around, but chose this one instead because of the price (biiiig mistake). I could concievably move in about 2 weeks. So now the question becomes, is this the right move? Oh, and the only available apartment is on the 3rd (!!!) floor. Sucks, but it’s do-able. I think I’m going to go for it, because it will get me out of this neighborhood. I can worry about moving elsewhere when that lease (maybe I get to keep the same lease dates? I’m not sure…) ends, or just transfer Gabe to the newer school once 1st grade starts. I’ve got a brochure to check out, and should be able to view an apartment again soon. Celeste (office girly) put the apartment on a temporary hold just for me, so I could have a few days to decide.

I think I’m going for it.

The kids and I went to a playdate this morning, and had a blast. It was nice to get out of the house and have some adult conversation. I haven’t been to knit night in a while, and I missed it. Milli was there though! Just no yarn 🙂 While we were there I was really missing my old house again- just having a yard for the kids to play in was great. Here, we have a bunch of mud and a totally broken down swing set. Not much fun. As a matter of fact, I have never allowed the kids to play on it. We have to drive to Grandma’s house (or the park) if they want to play outside. Oh- this new complex? Has a pond. With fish. And you’re allowed to fish! Gabe is so excited about that. There is a trail that winds around the pond for walking, and a resident flock of geese. All apartments have a balcony that faces the pond, it would be so nice to sit out there in the morning. OOH OOH, plus washer/dryer hookups!

I’m so there.


I’m outta here! Final paperwork is not done yet, but it’s pretty much official. As of April 1st, I should have a new address 🙂



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3 responses to “New place?

  1. It’ll all fall into place-sounds like you have it all figured out.

  2. I’ve forgotten the password, but I get the drift of what’s happening with you from reading the public posts so I wish you lots of luck in your new home as well as with everything else. Take care.

  3. you had me with the “it’s safer” then the hook ups. what’s 3rd floor going to do but give you BUNS of steel!
    it sounds like it’d be good!

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