Where is my brain?

If you’ve seen it, could you please send it my way? Jeez. It’s been a crazy few days. Gabe was still not feeling well this morning, his cough is *slowly* getting better, but the past two days he’s woken up with a tummy ache. So I kept him home today, mostly since he wasn’t back to 100%, but also to prevent spreading this illness to the rest of his class. So here it is, midnight. I’m laying out clothing for all 3 kiddos to wear tomorrow, packed half of Gabe’s lunch, comforting the now sick again Jack. Something at the back of my brain tells me to check the school calendar. Yep. Today was the last day before Gabe tracks out for 3 weeks. This year round school thing really drives me nuts sometimes! If I hadn’t thought to check (it’s not a regular calender, it holds the entire school year on it and I don’t need to glance at it all that often) I would have dropped Gabe off in the morning! Oy. Even though he really needed these last two school days off, I still feel bad- he missed all the special events on Friday, and the last day before track out is always fun. My sweet boy had been working so hard to earn his rewards, and with all the trouble we’ve been having the past several months, this was a HUGE deal for him. My heart breaks a little for him, even if he doesn’t realize (yet) that he’s missed out. He’s been doing sooo great lately. I love him so much.

I’m gonna take a nice hot shower and take my tired brain to bed 🙂 Gabe may be on vacation now, but Jack still has his 6 month check up tomorrow. Can you believe it’s been 6 months already?!


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  1. I don’t quite understanding the tracking thing, Wendy’s daughter does it too.

    No, can’t believe it’s been 6 months!

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