Damn you, Aunt Flo.

After thoroughly enjoying her absence for more than a year, that bitch made her comeback this morning. Most unwelcome, I can assure you!

On a more pleasant note, I was so pleased when I picked Gabe up from school yesterday. He had a note from his teacher in his backpack, stating that he had an AWESOME day, and it was evident that he had been working hard to make good choices. Go Gabe!

On a crafty note (I’m full of notes today!), I am nearly finished with another new design. I’m hoping to submit this one to a magazine, but it’s a summer design. According the the ‘zine that I emailed yesterday, they are looking for fall designs right now. A part of me already knew that, but I guess I forgot 🙂 At any rate, it will be nice to have this one finished and written up. I have so many ideas for more designs in my head, I just wish my hands could keep up. But I’m not getting any work done sitting here, so I’m off! Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Later in the morning:

Natalie, Jack and I decided to walk down to the laundrymat (in the complex) to put our wash in the dryer. Natalie loves to help me do this, she carries some of the wet laundry over and flings it in the dryer. Well, today she drops a pair of my panties…picks them up…and starts twirling them around in the air, while screaming “Mama, I dropped your pretty panties!!”….in front of the two cute guys who were also doing their laundry! Thankfully one of them was oblivious, rocking out to the music in his headphones, but the other guy turned a slight shade of pink and kept smiling. Thank goodness they weren’t granny panties! 🙂 I’m so glad things like this don’t bother me any more…at least not too much!



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2 responses to “Damn you, Aunt Flo.

  1. Amy

    Kids are awesome! My two-year-old has a few gems each day–yesterday it was “Mom, what’s your problem?”

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