Yo Peeps!

 *edit: fixed the link, sorry!* 

Gabe is proud to be participating in his schools annual “Jump Rope For Heart” celebration. If you’re able to make a donation, please visit his personal page-




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3 responses to “Yo Peeps!

  1. While I say YAY for the American Heart Association, BOO for that site … it disables my browser’s back button so I can’t back up out of it once I click the link! Why did I want to back out, you ask? Because that link is taking me to a generic page, not to Gabe’s personal page. I’d have to know his first and last name precisely the way they have it, or at least the name of his school, in order to pledge anything for him 😦

  2. eek! let me see what I did wrong there…sorry Lani!

  3. Whee, it’s working now! After looking at the employer matching info I’m going to check into that and then Steve and I will be happy to pledge some money for Gabe.

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