Tuesday Thoughts

Jack has this way of smiling at me while raising one eyebrow that just cracks me up. He’s sitting in my lap right now (making it rather akward to type) doing it. Silly boy! The apartment hunt continues, although I believe I may have found a place. There have been apartments that I KNOW I want, and that I can afford now, but I have to think about the future…and what do I do if a certain someone doesn’t re-enlist like he says he will, and support drops down to nada. What if…that has become my life. I can’t seem to make any major decision without asking that question. But anyhoo…I was shopping around Target the other day and found the dining room table I want- Kmart has a similar one too, looks like this:


I’m totally in love with the whole high-top dining room table thing. While I’d like to buy the one from Target, Kmarts is cheaper…so we’ll see. It’s been fun thinking about how I’m going to decorate the new place. I want something totally different than my last place, to show that this is a fresh start. While it has it’s downsides, I’m trying to focus on the fun. If we get the place that’s #1 on my list, the location is great- super close to shopping areas, and literally right behind Gabe’s school. However, we would no longer be in his school district. Go figure.  I wouldn’t tell them we moved however, I don’t want to uproot Gabe in the middle of the year. If it comes to it, we’ll just start 1st grade at a different school.

I’m off to be crafty again..gonna make a Fat Bottom bag, and figure out how to line that baby.  Wish me luck 🙂


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  1. Someone just did a blog post about not prefering the high top dining room table and wanting to get rid of it-I don’t know anyone who has one, so of course, it’s a personal preference thing, but it does look cool.

    I agree about not saying anything about the move to the school.

    Unfortunately, the damn “what if’s” will go on for a long time-you just have to concentrate on making sure the kids are happy and healthy, you’re happy and healthy and making yourself independent from any man-yes, he should still pay support til his eyeballs bleed, but if you can, try to get on your feet where his money is only used because it’s there-sounds easier then it is, but at that point the “what if’s” can certainly be the “fuck offs”.

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