Go ahead-

Just try and deny this cuteness! Little man is wearing his first pair of kicks and a made to match hat by mommy 🙂 Adorable sweater from The Childrens Place- I usually don’t shop there (I’m a Target kinda gal!) but I stopped in a few days ago, and they had all their clearance stuff an EXTRA 50% off. How could I say no?!

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7 responses to “Go ahead-

  1. OMG gimme those cheeks I wanna kiss ’em! The adorableness abounds =) From hat, to cheeks to sweater, all the way to those cute little tootsies! How do you not just eat him up?!

  2. He really is the cutest little guy! I love the fall colors, as if he could care. Wow he is big.

  3. He is so cute that it made me tear up a little. Er. Maybe I was a little emotional to start with, but still. So adorable. I just want to reach through the screen and scoop him up and snuggle him 🙂

  4. Aunt Mal Mal

    =O his cheeks have got so big! miss you buddy =)

  5. Love your creation and your son is absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Marvie, it’s a constant struggle *lol*

    Passing Stacey a tissue.. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments everyone! He’s my lil sweetie!

  7. He is getting more and more gorgeous! What a little heart throb he is turning into! Better tell all the mums with girls in the area to watch out! *grin*

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