I’m in a weird place lately. Feeling restless and reclusive at the same time. I dunno. You know who is still irritating me. Wrote once to ask for a pic of the baby, haven’t heard from him since except for his money emails. Nice huh. Nothing much else to report, I’ll be back later with kiddo pics. They keep me sane these days.



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2 responses to “Blah

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon, Megan. Hugs.

  2. I’m sorry that whatshisname is being an ass. I will NEVEREVEREVEREVER understand how people can not care about their children. NEVER. EVER. If my kid didn’t live with me for some strange reason (it would have to be awfully strange b/c it just wouldn’t happen) then I don’t think whoever she lived with would ever get me to go home/get off the phone. What a bastard.

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