Updates, updates..

I suppose I should start with Jacks birth story before I give an update 🙂

So. Last Tuesday. Went to the docs in the am- everything looked great. The doc made an appt with L&D for Saturday to have me induced if Jack was still hanging around, and then stripped my membranes. NOT the most comfortable thing in the world to be sure. He told me to expect some spotting and cramping, with a chance of starting labor. I went home and picked up Mom, and we drove to Ft. Bragg (an hour away) to do a little grocery shopping at the commissary. The whole time we were there I felt some mild cramping, but nothing that really got me excited. We walked in the door just before 4pm, and my water broke. Hurray! I had every intention of posting my happy news here, but then I went to the bathroom again- green water. Chunky green water. I was totally grossed out, and worried now. Called L&D (because I wanted to know when to come in anyway, being positive for group B strep. Wanted to make sure I got the 2 doses of antibiotics.) who told me to hustle my butt in there. Threw together the last few things I needed, said goodbye to the kiddos and Mom and I were on our way. I felt badly for my Gabe, who was quite upset at me leaving. He was pretty worried, and called me several times when I was in labor. He did well though, playing with his aunt all night long. Oh, and skipping school the next day *lol*. I was admitted to the hospital at about 6, hooked up to the IV and all the good stuff. By the way, has anyone else ever had the antibiotics for group B? Hurts like a BITCH going in! OMG, at some points it was worse than the contractions! But only for a little while 🙂 My contractions had started on their own when my water broke, but I was given Pitocin because they were still irregularl. Got my epidural in at about 8 or 9 (kinda fuzzy on the time) but the damn thing only took on my left side. I felt that when the guy was putting it in, and told him, but it still was wrong. And of course, it took about another hour for him to come back and fix it. The doctor had checked my cervix when I was admitted, and I was still at 1. At about 12:45am, she still had not checked me again. I know they like to check you as little as possible once your water breaks, but c’mon! The nurse kept telling me she was “just next door” and would be checking on me next. This took about an hour and half or so. All of the sudden, I felt Jack move into the birth canal. Literally felt him slide on in (my epidural had started to wear off quite a bit). I looked at my Mom with wild eyes and told her he was about to pop out! She runs out the door and grabs a nurse, tells her my baby is about to fall out 🙂 and lo and behold, the doctor appears. She checks me, and encounters Jacks head in my cervix. Why don’t they ever believe me?! I KNOW when something as big as a babys head is sitting there! The trouble now was waiting for the NICU team to get there, since he was swimming in his copious amounts of meconium. Thankfully they arrived within about a minute, and I was able to push. Took only 3-4 pushes, and out popped my tiny boy! He was handed off immediately to the NICU peeps, who suctioned him well. And were promptly pooped on for their efforts *lol*. He recieved 8 and 9 for his apgars, and did fabulously!

Updates…we went to the doctors for the first time today, and she gave Jack an A++ for health! He went down to 6lbs 13oz when we left the hospital on Thursday, and was up to 7lbs 7oz today. What a chunker! He LOVES to nurse, and does so at least every 3 hours. He is the most adorable, contented baby! He’s got Mommy wrapped around his tiny lil pinky and he knows it well 🙂

I’ll leave you with some recent cuteness- be prepared to be bombarded with pictures in the coming months!




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8 responses to “Updates, updates..

  1. He’s absolutely a gorgeous baby .. more pics!

  2. All that hair! He’s so darn cute, almost makes me want another…..almost. I had group B strep, but don’t remember anything with antibiotics, although I must have had them because they told me I did, etc.

    My epidural didn’t work either and they refused to give me more. To be honest, it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would.

  3. Well happy brithday to Jack.
    I only had an epidural with my first one and it was turned up high. My other 2 came to fast for an epidural.
    Congradulations you two.

  4. Susana

    Wow, what a story! Babies are such a joy and you have an adorable one.

  5. Congratulations–he’s beautiful!

  6. Oh goodness! He is too cute – and all that hair!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

    Congratulations on your little Jack – will be waiting to be bombarded with pictures!

  7. There’s not much more to say than he is so adorable! All that hard work, and waiting paid off. 🙂 Sending some happy thoughts your way~

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