Finally finished Baby Jacks blankie! Although even now, I’m thinking of adding a row or two of brown to the edging…:)

Also, if someone could PLEASE teach me to make *clickable* pictures, I’d be forever thankful! I hate having to resize things so small here.


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3 responses to “Success!

  1. It’s beautiful and the edging should set the colors off nicely.

    I use Photobucket and after you upload your pictures, click on the little box under the picture(s) (it’ll make a check mark). Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a bar, on the right “Generate HTML code”, click that. It’ll take you to another page with HTML code-one will show for Ebay, Live Journal, etc and the other for message boards. It’s usually the “recommended” ones I use. Click on that and copy the HTML and then paste it.

    If you need any help, email me!

  2. Jack’s blanky is lovely! I love how the colors are soft without being typical baby colors.

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