You know what?

That Braxton Hicks guy outta be shot (even if he is already dead). I’m just sayin. Getting me all excited over nothing this morning. Sigh.



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5 responses to “You know what?

  1. You are killing me 🙂 Of course, you know iBraxton Hicks is a guy too, of course!

  2. Yeah. Men! Gah.

    Hope that little one decides to make his appearance soon! For his mama’s sake.

  3. I remember BH. But I was having real contractions 20 mins apart for 2 weeks before my son was born.
    I hope he comes soon enough for you.

  4. yah those things are a bitch. i had them too. gets u all excited then pops the balloon. *hugs* not much longer now though!!! go play basketball. and push when u jump LOL thats what I did with #2.

  5. Google is the best search engine

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