Picture time!

I’m so behind on sharing pictures! Here are some from the last few weeks….

The Science Museum

The Aquarium

Natalie’s 4th Birthday party

Breakfast last Saturday- made by me of course :o)

I’ve also been knitting up a storm for the baby. I actually made something that wasn’t a scarf! Go me! I successfully finished two baby hats and this afternoon I finished the front piece to a sweater. I’m on a roll! Just gotta grab pictures of those, and then I’m set. OH! My Mom found the bassinette I had been searching for at a thrift store- looks brand new, only $18! It’s cracking me up, this is the same thrift store that I found the brand new Fisher Price swing (retails for $100) for $18.99. We’re headed there again on Monday to see what else they have for me for 18 bucks!


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3 responses to “Picture time!

  1. Both of your kids are absolutely beautiful-so photogenic.

  2. Your kids are so cute.
    I love going to the thrift store near me, even more on $.99 mondays and half price saturdays.

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