We’re here.

One moving truck, a hellava hot day and several headaches later. Just trying to get unpacked, new doctors set up, school registration for Gabe done, etc. It’s busy, but a good busy. One skein secret pal, I got your package yesterday- and you TOTALLY made my day! What a sweet card, fabulous yarn, and I fell in love with the sheep 🙂 As soon as I figure out how to work my Dad’s camera, I’ll take a picture to share with the whole class *lol*



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2 responses to “We’re here.

  1. You’re there?


    Now rest.

  2. ossp

    I’m glad you liked the package! I chanced across the sheep one day, and I knew that one of my knitting friends HAD to have it!

    I wouldn’t mind having the password to your protected posts. I forgot to add your new blog to my blogroll, so I’d missed so much! But I understand if you don’t want an (albeit intentionally) anonymous reader to have the password 🙂 I guess I don’t have to be anonymous after August, right?

    Also, it does sound like you’re doing really well. I know it’s different, because I was never married to him, but my boyfriend of four years dumped me last year before I moved in with him, but *after* I had made all of my arrangements to pack up and move into his apartment in a different city. I was devastated, and it took me so long to get back on my feet, but I only had to be strong for myself.

    You’re being strong for yourself and children, and I think that you are simply an incredible woman.

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