Checking in…

Things are going pretty good. Just trying to get everything in order and packed…weeding through the excess crap feels good. Clean start. Yeah. Thats what I’m telling myself anyway 🙂 I do wish the universe would stop kicking me while I’m down though- car started to have some issues yesterday. Good news, Dad the mechanic thinks I just need more brake fluid, so as soon as I get home from Mal’s, I’m gonna check. Fingers crossed please! Cordi, I’m gonna email you my new address right away- I forgot I’d need to update that for Peacecraft and DoD. Too many things to remember! One Skein SP, I emailed you back with it already. I’m excited for the next phase of our swap, the baby alpaca you sent last month was divine!

Speaking of fibery goodness, anyone have a good crochet pattern for shawl or wrap? I’m looking for something relatively lightweight, as it will be my nursing shawl. I wish to some higher power that I had mad knitting skills, because I’ve seen some truely gorgeous ones online. I might go with the Sweet Pea, but since I just made one for my Mom a few months ago, I’d like to try something new. Throw your ideas at me! I have a little free time after the move, but before the baby.

Who is coming so soon! I can’t believe I’m 31 weeks already. Geesh, time flies. I think he’s finally settled into a head down postion- I swear I can feel him there when I put my pants on this morning! My sweet big headed boy 🙂 I was super lucky that weekend at my parents, I found a boppy pillow at the thrift store for $2.50 (just needs a new cover, since I don’t like the print on this one) and a brand spankin new swing for $18.99! This one:

I had more to say than I originally thought! I gotta get going though, have to go check the brake fluid and finish packing. Keep your fingers crossed again for good weather this weekend, please! It’s the perfect weekend (military payday!) for a yard sale, and I have a TON of crap to sell. The stinky old weather channel showed rain for Friday, so I’m a little worried. But we’re moving that weekend, regardless of the yard sale. I might just have to come back and hold it the next weekend, or something like that. We’ll see.


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