We’re headed back to VA for about a week…gotta finish packing things up, etc. etc. I don’t have internet access at the house anymore, but will be able to check in occasionally at my sisters place. I’m hoping to be at my parents house by the 16th or so, and then will take the next 2ish weeks to clean the house and crap like that.

On a separate note, I had a disturbing dream last night. Started out at my house, where D was telling me he left me because I was too fat for him. The I got in my car with the kids, he got in his car, and followed us somewhere- we were on an overpass, when another driver hit my car and pushed us off the overpass. The van rolled, and came to a stop upside down. D came running down, took the kids out of their carseats (where they were uninjured) and left me broken and bleeding (and yes, still pregnant), crushed under the front seat.

Kinda accurately describes this whole mess.



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4 responses to “Leaving…

  1. Take care of you… And no more dreams like that. No good.

  2. Megan you and the little ones are in mine and my family’s thoughts. Please e-mail me your new address.

  3. ossp

    Sorry for putting this off for too long! Where do I send your package?!?!?!!!!!

  4. Kat

    *HUGS* one for each of you!

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