Gabes First Fishing Trip!

I just have a second, but wanted to post this video. Check out how fast the fish jumps on his line! He was so jazzed 🙂 I’ll be back tomorrow with more pictures!

<a href=””>Gabe Fishin!</a>



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4 responses to “Gabes First Fishing Trip!

  1. Use the plain link from photbucket. I think it’s the first one. Copy it, go to your new message, click on the little Tree Icon. That will pop up a box where you paste the plain url to the photo. Click insert and TA-DA!

  2. Damn wordpress! Just when I think I have this photobucket crap figured out. It’s a move, does that make a difference?

  3. Err, that should say MOVIE. And I posted it on my other blog too, since I couldn’t get the damn thing to work here yet.

  4. I don’t know how to do movies… I figured it was a pic… Although… I’ve used moving signatures and such with photobucket before (they were jpeg and gif(?) formats, i think.

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